Medical Supplies for Clinics, Hospitals, & Health systems

Operational Solution

Daily Deliveries, Custom Solutions, & No Hassle

Procurement Partners

ScrubMD works exclusively with companies from all industries to source new products from around the world. With decades of procurement experience, we partner with reputable companies to provide quality products.

With our state-of-the-art procurement technologies and our established relationships, we can help you get the products you need at a price you didn’t know was possible.

National Distribution

Trust your warehousing, distribution, and last mile fulfillment services to ScrubMD’s network of carefully selected 3PL partners. By converting your distribution needs to our specialists, you can not only reduce costs but increase efficiency.

With multiple hubs throughout the United States, you can trust ScrubMD to protect your assets and deliver them just-in-time.

What WE Do

A Leader in Supply Chain Management & Sourcing

With over 15 years of experience in managing international supply chains, ScrubMD has established itself as an innovator in sourcing and supply chain management. We provide services ranging from direct importing to national distribution.

What You Need, Wherever You Want It

One centralized platform for all your office supply needs. Streamline your purchases across your organization with our budget optimized tool with supervisor authorization, competitive market prices, and daily delivery.

Implement an enterprise-grade sanitation solution with nationally recognized brands to help your facilities meet requirements, ensure safety, and reduce liability. Select from EPA registered, FDA certified products to address your needs.

Providing solutions to On-Premise Laundries and Rental Programs through national laundering partnerships, factory direct linen sourcing, and rentals for healthcare and hospitality.

From bulk orders to individualized custom kitting, ScrubMD offers versatile solutions for Human Resource Departments, Operations Teams, and Management to incentivize, engage, and retain employees. Choose from direct shipping to divisions, facilities, or directly to the individual on demand.

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